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Community and Connection Through Learning.

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True change must begin within and work its way out.

MAiUS works with organizations who see learning as the best path toward meaningful, lasting change at work.

Through a blend of the Action Research Model, adult learning strategies and a philosophy centered on inclusion and workplace equity, MAiUS and its partners transform workplace cultures, practices, and relationships to call in a more meaningful, fulfilling work experience.


What is the future of work?

Rather than getting caught up in trends and predictions, it might be better to ask: what do we want it to be?

Each organization’s story is different, filled with its own catalysts and heroes. Each day, every day, we have the chance to write the next chapter.

At MAiUS, our goal is to engage employees across the organization, build community, and develop tools, techniques, processes and practices that will better ensure that all employees are writing the parts of their story that matter to them. In short, each of you knows the tiny changes that, collectively, will transform your world.

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