MAiUS envisions a future of work in which all employees are valued, included and connected to each other in an authentic community of work that endeavors to grow and evolve together.

Transformational Butterfly

Our Mission

Our mission is to build authentic community at work through tailored learning experiences that focus on bottom-up culture, skill and leadership transformations.

Transformational Butterfly

Our Approach

MAiUS uses a blend of the Action Research Model and cross-organizational discussions to develop a community-centric learning path toward change. You talk, we listen and facilitate collaborative solutions to your biggest challenges at work.

Core Values

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

There is every moral, ethical and strategic reason to work in ways that include everyone. All of us must do this work, some of us more than others; we endeavor to walk the same path.


True collaboration means we work together until we each see value in what we’re building.


We are all partners, each bringing our expertise and experience to bare on writing our next chapter through trust and respect.

Humility and Vulnerability

We acknowledge and accept that we are only experts in ourselves, that we must speak from that place when we enter into authentic communities of work with others, and that to do so, we must be vulnerable, to ourselves and others, in order to learn and grow.

Our Service Road Map

Every situation and organization is different but here's how a working relationship normally looks....

1. Initial consult

A short, free conversation to learn more about each other and how we might partner. On our end, we want to know what changes you'd like to see and who will be a part of and/or impacted by those changes. For you? Ask us whatever you like! We want to be sure we're a fit and we'll tell you if we're not!

2. Organizational Assessment and Report

If we both agree to partner, MAiUS will conduct an assessment (typically through interviews and surveys) of the current state of work in your organization. We will look at culture and climate, policy and practices, even structures to determine where to focus, what to consider, and what conversations can be had as a group.

3. Recommended Road Map

With our assessment results in-hand, we will recommend a Road Map, a program of learning, conversation and community-building that will lead you to a more positive, inclusive work experience. You can choose to walk this path yourself, or we can continue to walk it with you!

4. Collaborative Learning Community Program Development

Learning doesn't happen simply because we sat in a training class. MAiUS believes learning is an ongoing experience and we design our learning programs accordingly. What does that look like? It's different for every organization, but typically a blend of instructor-led training, facilitated community discussions, and culture-building events and activities.

If you have a learning team in-house who really knows your culture, we will collaborate with them so they can deliver the program. We can also help you with delivery in whole or part!

5. Delivery of Program

Sometimes learners feel more comfortable opening up to people outside of the organization. We are happy to facilitate some or all of the learning experience if you prefer.

6. Program Closure and Hand-off

Some programs have a beginning and end. Others should live on, continuing to breathe life into the values lived everyday in your organization. If you would like the learning experience to live on for new and future employees to experience, we will co-create a sustainment process for you and your organization to keep the experience going after our depature.


Founder Conrad Moore began his career as a high school social studies teacher in San Francisco where he taught 10 different curricula including U.S. History, World History and Ethnic Studies. He left in 2012 to co-found a non-profit community center, Mariposa Kids, in San Francisco’s Mission District.

After 3 years of leading that organization Conrad transitioned to a board role and pivoted into adult learning, training a variety of professional skills at a boutique training company based in the Bay Area. After just a year as an instructor, he was promoted to VP of Operations and headed a restructuring of the sales and operations teams.

After leading the operations team, Conrad took over the VP of Professional Development position, developing courses and custom learning programs across most major industries, from non-profits to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. In 2018 Conrad co-founded Endpoint Learning, a learning strategy consultancy where he focused on leadership development.

Conrad values social justice, equity and inclusion, and works to bring these values into learning experiences, from design to delivery. He enjoys collaboratively working with organizations, exploring the world as they experience it, while sharing concepts and practices he’s found helpful along his own personal and professional journey.

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