Training & Learning

We offer a growing suite of live and self-paced training and learning experiences focused on professional skills that increase community and connection at work, boost productivity, and empower you to build the workplace you want to be in.

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Mindful Leadership Program

Our signature 6-month program features a unique blend of facilitation and targeted training to create a leadership development journey tailored to your culture and unique identity.

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Team Building Experiences

Feeling disconnected from each other? Looking to build deeper connections and a stronger, more collaborative team culture? The Maius team can help! We listen to what your team is working on, the joys and challenges of work, and create a bespoke team building experience that will leave smiles on everyone's faces.‍

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Learning Strategy Consulting

Ready to start a bold learning journey in your organization and not sure where to start? We can support you at any stage of your new initiative, from needs analysis to program design and delivery. We're here to lend a hand!

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Workplace Health and Wellness

Make your workday more dynamic, healthful and fulfilling! We can help you introduce movement, play and healthy habits to balance your mind, body and spirit at work!

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