Mindful Leadership Program

Looking to upskill managers and leaders for a real culture shift? Then you'll need a program that's designed for your culture.

Our Mindful Leadership Program is a bespoke blend of training, facilitated discussion and action planning. This program is suitable for managers and leaders at any stage of their career, drawing wisdom from experienced leaders and guiding conversations for new leaders to grow through.

Tailored To Your Culture and Needs

We start with a free conversation followed by an in-depth needs assessment across your organization to understand where you are and where you'd like to go. We want to hear from you and your team, so tell us what's working, what's challenging and what the future of work looks like to you!

Ongoing, Adaptive Program Alignment

We have multiple feedback check points that continually take in input from you and your team that we feed forward into the program, ensuring all learning and discussions remain relevant and consistent with your values, culture and ambitions.

Real Behavior-Change, Deep Impact

Our goal is to collaboratively define and navigate toward a new culture aligned with your values and inclusive of everyone. That's why we focus on looking at behavior change from day 1.

“Really enjoyed today's section, it was very balanced for me and my learning style. The concepts were delivered well and clearly during the lecture part in the beginning. I appreciated Conrad adding the 2nd part of the check in question about organizational justice, it prompted me to review last week's notes and think more critically about the content of this training while connecting the broader training together.”

Flexible, Designed Around Your Schedule

We can customize our delivery schedule to suit your busy calendar. Whatever your needs are, we'll meet them every day of the week.

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