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Change Management

There are many, great models and frameworks that explore the process of change management; John Kotter’s 8-Step Process, McKinsey’s 7s Model, ADKAR, Kübler-Ross, and so on. Each of them has their merit and often can be used in complementary fashion. MAiUS sees change initiatives as a great opportunity to create deeper shifts in workplace consciousness. Whether you’re restructuring a team, rebuilding a process, or some other change initiative, now is the time to consider how these changes can also bring about a more equitable, inclusive workplace. Using classical change management models to frame the conversation, we pursue additional considerations including:

  • How changes affect individuals differently 
  • Whose voices are prioritized in the current state? How can the future state include everyone?
  • What narratives are shaping the “why” of the change initiative? Are these narratives representative of everyone?

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