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Organizational Justice

“It feels like nobody listens in upper management.”

“Decisions just seem to come out of nowhere that affect us and we have no input.”

“I’m pretty sure that person was promoted because of their relationships, not because of their performance.”

If you’re hearing this feedback it might be time to explore the concept of Organizational Justice. Organizational Justice addresses employees’ treatment and perceptions of fairness at work and how it affects morale and workplace culture. Understanding how employees perceive their value and treatment at work, having difficult conversations, and shifting the policies and practices that result in unfair treatment (or perceptions as such) go a long way toward making a connected, inclusive, effective workplace culture. MAiUS  classes on Organizational Justice explore:

  • Distributive Justice – how resources are (or are perceived to be) distributed unfairly
  • Procedural Justice – how decision-making is (or is perceived to be) exclusive 
  • Interactional Justice – how individuals perceive their treatment by others and the culture more broadly
  • Practical recommendations for remedying injustice
  • Facilitated explorations for what remedies are needed and how to apply them
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